HDK volume advect compare with Vex/Ocl

I’ve made one of my first HDK plugin. This was more a test in order to work with volumes in c++. You can find the code here.


This node read one volume on input1 and advect the data with 3 volumes on input2. I’ve made a comparaison with Vex and Opencl with a volume of 100*100*100 and 3 substeps in advection :

  • HDK advect : 1.813s
  • Volumewrangle : 0.398s
  • Opencl : 0.025s

I was surprised to get so much differences. My code in HDK is not threaded and I guess not optimized, I’ve made a test to thread my code with THREADED_METHOD2  but I didn’t get any improvement yet. My next step will be to try threads, opencl or cuda in HDK.


The Opencl Code seems in this case much better, for those who want to have a look the otl is here and I have a hip file here. (made with indie licences)