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sop solver : multiple outputs

I always though you can only edit one data at a time with Sop Solvers but in fact you can output multiple datas from a Sop Solver. : sop_solver.hip

I’ve seen this with the vellum constraint and you need to use a compile block.…

opencl sop – advect volume

As the vdb_advect node was very slow, I decided to make my own advect node in Opencl : advect_opencl.hip

I’ve made a forward and backward advection. I hope to upload soon a « project vel non divergent » and to upload an HDK version of it but I need to clean them first.…

mix colors

Here is a test to mix colors in different spaces like RGB RYB CMYK CIELab :

Hip File : color_mixing.hip

you will need this vex lib  : color.h

Below, from right to left : RGB mixing, RGB or CMYK in substractive mode, RYB with luminance based on RGB, and CIELAB.…

Houdini Courses

I was teaching Houdini for many years, here is a preview of the course I made at Les Gobelins. It’s a course on 26 days (156 hours)