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Sop Solver : Multiple Outputs

I always though you can only edit one data at a time with Sop Solvers but in fact you can output multiple datas from a Sop Solver. As it’s a bit tricky, here is a hip file :

Color Mixing

Here is a test to mix color in different spaces like RGB RYB CMYK CIELab : Hip File : Video :

Houdini Courses

I’m teach Houdinit at Les Gobelins each year. It’s a course on 26 days (156 hours)


Installation at the National Media Museum Technical Dev on the project Forms directed by Memo Akten and David Quayola Forms (process) from Memo Akten on Vimeo.


a serie of effects based on the word BUILD BUILD SERIES from Teresuac on Vimeo.


A short film around the movement of an invisible character – Siggraph 2009 Cinetique 2009 from Teresuac on Vimeo.